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European Partnerships Health

European Partnerships should be established between the European Commission, Member States and associated countries, the private sector, foundations and other stakeholders to achieve, through a joint and targeted effort, global objectives, notably the Sustainable Development Goals.

Partnerships can be of three types: Co-Programmed, Co-Funded and Institutional.

Co-Programmed Partnerships

Based on Memoranda of Understanding and contractual arrange-ments between the European Commission and public or private part-ners; Independent implementation by partners and Horizon Europe.

Co-financed Partnerships

Based on a joint programme agreed and implemented by partners, which can be funding agencies from different Member States, public or private research entities, and other stakeholders; Commitment of partners to financial and in-kind contributions.

Institutional Partnerships

The Health area has eight partnerships, two institutional and six co-financed.
European Partnerships in Horizon Europe

CO-FOUNDED Partnerships


ERA for Health
Research (2022)


European Partnership
for Chemicals Risk Assessment


European Partnership
on Health and Care Systems Transformation


European Partnership
for Personalised Medicine


European Partnership
and Rare Diseases


European Partnership
for One Health/AMR
Antimicrobial Resistence

CO-FOUNDED Partnerships


European Partnership
for EU-Africa Global Health (2021)


European Partnership for Innovative Health (2021/22)