Webinar – Harnessing real-world data: how clinical trials benefit from digitalization

Webinar organizado pela Clinerion e pela Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS).

Scientific development has always been founded on the latest technology. Today, this means the explosion of digitalization of medical information. When it comes to drug development, the hurdle is access to the right patients, whether it be finding enough patients of different ethnicities, or finding enough patients with a specific confluence of phenotypic markers fitting a clinical trial protocol.

Today, the digitalization of medical records has unleashed the possibility of searching for patients across institutions, enabling trial researchers to work with patients on a global scale. Trial protocols can be tested and modified against live patient data, sites with large clusters of eligible patients can be identified, patients can be reidentified for trial recruitment at any site. In this webinar, we will outline the current trends, and offer real-world case studies.

Dia 5 de outubro de 2021

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